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  • Adventureland Tickets

    2019-05-30 | News

    Discounted Adventureland Tickets are now available at all UICCU branches! Stop by to purchase tickets and receive $7 off the regular admission price.

    See our Branch & ATM Finder to find a branch close to you.

    For information about Adventureland visit https://www.adventurelandresort.com/

  • Taking a summer vacation?

    2019-05-06 | News

    If traveling out of state with your UICCU debit* or credit card, please notify us before you leave! You can share your travel plans by:

    States or countries with high cases of card fraud may be blocked from usage for your protection. If you are planning a trip, notifying us allows us to unblock the card so that it works for the period you are visiting. For added peace of mind, enroll your credit and debit card for our free Fraud Prevention Text Alerts. Thank you for helping us significantly decrease fraud on UICCU accounts. 

    *PIN-based debit transactions should still work even if notification to UICCU was not made. 

  • Name Change FAQ

    2019-05-05 | News

    As you may know, a new state law requires UICCU to change its name this year. On July 22nd, UICCU will become GreenState Credit Union. For more information visit our Name Change Frequently Asked Questions.

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