Taking a spring vacation?

If traveling out of state with your UICCU debit* or credit card, please notify us before you leave! You can share your travel plans by:

  • Visiting any office location
  • Using the online chat function at uiccu.org

States or countries with high cases of card fraud may be blocked from usage for your protection. If you are planning a trip, notifying us allows us to unblock the card so that it works for the period you are visiting. For added peace of mind, enroll your credit and debit card for our free Fraud Prevention Text Alerts. Thank you for helping us significantly decrease fraud on UICCU accounts.

*PIN-based debit transactions should still work even if notification to UICCU was not made. 

Name Change

As you may know, a new state law requires UICCU to change its name this year. On July 22nd,UICCU will become GreenState Credit Union. For more information visit our Name Change FAQ page.

Online Banking Tip – Get access codes via text message.

Do you get secure access codes via a phone call but want to get a text message instead? Follow these easy steps and you can chose to get codes via text the next time you log in from a new device.

Outstanding Student of the Arts

UICCU is proud to recognize James Mons and Katey Halverson as this month's Outstanding Student of the Arts for excellence in debate, music, drama or studio arts. UICCU will donate $400 to West High School and Liberty High School and award James and Katey each with a $250 scholarship. Click here for a list of their accomplishments.

Are you paying fees for your checking account?

Some banks are moving their customers to checking accounts that require minimum balances and activity to waive fees. UICCU's Free Checking Account is free without any hoop jumping. No minimum balance is required. 

What goes into your Credit Score?

Data from your credit report goes into five major categories that make up a FICO score: Payment History, Amounts Owed, Length of Credit History, Types of Credit Used, and New Credit. The scoring model weighs some factors more heavily than others. Click here to learn more

Alerts for your Debit and Credit Cards

UICCU offers real-time text alerts for your debit and credit cards. Activity Alerts keep your account secure by notifying you when your card is used for a large amount, an international transaction, declined, or for an online purchase. Fraud Alerts notify you if a suspicious charge is detected by sending a text to confirm the transaction. These services are free and enrollment is easy. Learn more about free Activity Alerts and Fraud Alerts.