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Getting a personal loan at UICCU is fast and easy. Whether you want a fixed rate with a fixed term, or a credit line that allows for easy access, we'll work with you to find a term that fits your budget. As always, with UICCU, the rates are some of the best you'll find.

Payday loans offer short term financing usually at an extremely high cost to the borrower. UICCU offers an alternative at a fraction of the cost. Our EZ-Access Credit line gives borrowers the ability to advance funds exactly when they need it, and pay it back as quickly as they want without pre-payment penalties. There is no "cash advance fee" when you advance funds, and it can even be set up as overdraft protection for your checking account. ($5 auto-transfer applies for advances initiated by UICCU. $0 if initiated by member.)

Need the opportunity to build or rebuild your credit. It all begins with demonstrating that a lender is willing to work with you, and that you can make the scheduled payments. Let us be that lender. Our staff will work with you to build your credit rating, starting with a manageable loan with automatic payments. You can do this. We can help.

Life can throw unexpected hurdles your way. UICCU can help you address those needs with flexible term financing, often at rates well below national credit card providers.

  • Medical Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Major appliance repair
  • School expenses
  • Unexpected utility bills
  • First month's rent and deposit for the move into your apartment

UICCU works with members every day to consolidate and eliminate debt. We can pool all your high interest debt into a lower rate and build a plan to eliminate it. If you are a homeowner, we can explore the possibility of tax deductible interest as well.

We understand the immigration process can be complicated and expensive. UICCU offers a Citizenship Loan to help with the cost of the naturalization application and legal fees associated with the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.


UICCU offers a variety of credit cards for members. For those with limited income, we don't think your first card should put you into a deep debt situation. That's why we offer cards with no annual fee, a low non-variable rate, manageable credit lines based on your income, and no over-limit fees. We provide online tools to help you manage your money as well.

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