Save Smart

Saving for a Reason.

What’s the reason you’re saving? Whether it’s a vacation, wedding, baby or a rainy day, a savings account at UICCU is a safe place to store your money. Dividends are paid monthly, and you can easily transfer funds to or from your UICCU or external bank account.

Save Smart Tip: Did you know you can open more than one savings account with your UICCU membership? Separate savings accounts can help bring your goals into focus when you give each account a name in online banking:

Screen shot example of savings accounts in online banking with custom nicknames for the accounts (Emergency Fund, Christmas, etc) 

To open one or more new savings accounts you can stop by any branch location or give us a call at 1-800-397-3790.

Pay yourself first with recurring transfers to savings.

Automate your good savings habit in just minutes with a recurring funds transfer in online banking. Choose an amount and frequency that fits your needs and start building your savings with ease.

How to Setup a Recurring Transfer.

  1. Login to your UICCU Online Banking account.
  2. On the left main menu, expand the “Transfers/Deposits” section and select the “Funds Transfer” option.

    Select Funds Transfer from main nav menu

  3. On the Funds Transfer page, select the account that money will be taken From and choose an account to send the money To.

    Screen shot of Funds Transfer option in UICCU Online Banking.

  4. Enter an amount to transfer.
  5. Check the box that says “Make this a recurring transaction”.
  6. Select a frequency and start date.
  7. Select an end date or check the “Repeat Forever” box. You can cancel a recurring transfer in the Activity Center at any time.
  8. Press the Transfer Funds button and wait a few seconds for your transaction to process. When done, you'll see a success message and details about your transfer.

    Screen shot of success message for scheduling funds transfer.

  9. Congratulations! You're set up to save regularly and make consistent progress towards your savings goals!