Tracking spending, create budgets, set goals and more with MyFi360, UICCU's personal finance management tool.
Track your spending habits with MyFi360°, UICCU's personal finance management tool.Our personal finance management tool, MyFi360°, allows you to manage your money from your online banking account. Easily create budgets, categorize and track spending habits, and tag your transactions to see where and how you spend your money. View your investments, mortgage, credit card and account balances and transactions in one place, regardless of where you have your accounts. Features of MyFi360° include:

At-a-Glance Dashboard

You'll find a quick overview of your financial standing on the dashboard, as well as a host of financial tools that you can use to manage your finances.

Budget Tracking

Track your spending and add targets that will help you better control such expenses as shopping or dining out. When you establish spending targets, you can also schedule notifications through text or email to alert you when you're closing in on your budget limit.


View incoming and outgoing transactions on a monthly basis.


Are you saving for a big vacation or a life event such as a wedding or planning for a baby? Whatever your financial goals may be, set savings goals and actively set aside money you wish to use towards that goal.

Net Worth

Sum up your assets and debits. View pie charts to see how these assets and debits are allocated.


Add alerts to provide real-time monitoring of your financial situation. You create the rules for notifications and choose to receive via email or text message. 

To Get Started 

  • Log in to online banking. Select "MyFi360°" under the "Services" option in the main menu.
  • Your first time logging in with MyFi360° will take a few moments. Your UICCU accounts will load automatically into MyFi360.
  • To add your UICCU Credit Card or other accounts at a different financial institution, click the "Add" button on the left side of the screen.