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Save time, money - and trees. Get your statements faster each month and securely store them in online banking. 

Electronic statements are the next step in member convenience. Once you sign up for this free service, you will be able to view or download your monthly statements and tax documents (1099, 1098 forms) while logged in to Online Banking. Up to 15 statements will be automatically stored. 

To enroll in eStatements, you must first be enrolled in online banking. Then, follow these instructions to sign up for eStatements.

  • Log on to online banking from our homepage

  • Click the e-Statements option from the main menu

  • Read the disclosure. As well as providing terms, this will tell the ‘new’ enrollee what and what not to expect on day one.

  • Click ‘I Agree’ to accept the terms and to continue

  • There will be no statement history until the end of the current statement cycle

  • You will receive an email notification when your statement is ready to view

  • As each monthly statement is generated, you will begin to build a rolling 15-month history of statements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eStatement?

eStatements are your regular account statements from the UICCU delivered electronically instead of by the U.S. Postal Service. It looks like your statement, reads like your statement, has all of the information found on your current statement, and if you want a hard copy, you can print it on your printer or save it on your computer.

When I sign up, can I view my statements right away?
No. You must wait until your first statement period ends. Then you will build a rolling 15 months worth of statements, notifications and tax documents. 

Can I get both an eStatement and a hard copy in the mail?
Once you are set up for eStatements your mail statements will stop. Again, you can easily print a copy or save a copy to your computer.

Is there a cost to eStatements?
eStatements is provided as a free service. There is a $2.50 fee per month for paper delivery of regular statements. There may also be a research or duplicate copy fee for copies of old statements.

How many statements will be stored?
Online banking will store up to 15 months worth. If you wish to keep them in electronic form for a longer period of time, you will need to save it to your computer. Only statements from your enrollment date forward are available. 

Will my eStatement be emailed to me or will I have to log in to a website?
You will be notified by email at the email address you provide during the enrollment process when your statement is ready for viewing. You can access your statement by logging in to online banking.

Why am I required to consent to the conditions before I am allowed to proceed in viewing my first statement?
Your acknowledgment is our record of your agreement to receive statements electronically instead of by mail.

What information will I need to sign up? 
Signing up is easy! Once you log on to online banking, click on eStatements and follow the prompts.

What if my email address changes?
A valid email address is required for you to receive your statement notifications. Please update your new email address in online banking or by calling us.

Was I automatically signed up for eStatements when I signed up for Rewards Checking? 
No, but it is a very simple enrollment process.