UICCU has partnered with the Allpoint ATM Network to offer our members surcharge-free access to 43,000 ATMs nationwide. Allpoint ATMs are conveniently located in some of your favorite spots, including Target®, Walgreens®, and Costco®. Click the link below to view a map of all locations near you or look for the Allpoint logo on participating ATMs. 

United States Map with Allpoint ATM Coverage

View Map of Locations

Access to Allpoint's Network of ATMs is completely free: there is no surcharge fee or non-UICCU ATM usage fee. 

The number and specific machines in the Allpoint network is subject to change any time and is outside the control of UICCU. Please consult Allpoint's locator map and look for the Allpoint logo on the machine (pictured above with the map). 


Q: Are there any fees for using Allpoint Network ATMs? 

A: Allpoint ATMs are completely free for UICCU members. There is no surcharge fee or non-UICCU ATM usage fee.

Q: How can I find Allpoint ATMs? 

A: There are several ways to locate an Allpoint ATM: 1) Use the locator map found here; 2) you can download the Allpoint App (available for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices); 3) look for the Allpoint logo on the ATM (pictured above with the map).

Q: Can I use my current card

A: Yes. Use your UICCU debit card at any of the Allpoint ATMs for surcharge-free access to your money.

Q: I went to a retailer part of the Allpoint Network, but the ATM looked like it was owned by another bank -- will that bank charge me for using the machine? 

A: No. Many Allpoint Network machines look like they are operated by other banks or credit unions, however, all ATMs listed on the Allpoint locator map are part of the Allpoint Network and are surcharge-free for UICCU members. Just look for the Allpoint Network sticker on the ATM. 

Q: The surcharge screen appeared when I attempted a transaction -- will I get charged a fee? 

A: No. The surcharge screen is there to notify customers of other financial institutions who are not participating in the Allpoint Network. Just press "Yes" to accept the fee and continue with your transaction. UICCU members won't be charged. 

Q: Can I make a deposit at Allpoint ATMs? 

A: No. These are cash dispense only. You can deposit checks at any UICCU branch, via the mail, or with your smartphone or tablet using our free Mobile App.