Service Credo

The genuine care of our members is our highest mission. Our members will enjoy a warm and welcoming experience from our knowledgeable team providing accurate, professional and friendly service.

Internal / External Service Expectations

  1. Acknowledge each individual with eye contact, greeting them with a sincere smile. Use their name at least once during every conversation, and “Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Dr.” when possible / appropriate.
  2. Appearance - First impressions count. Take pride in your personal appearance and that of your area from the parking lot to your desk, and when representing the credit union in the community. Wear name tags at all times. Personal items within the members’ line of site should be UICCU branded when possible.
  3. Communication - Speak clearly and directly. Avoid using jargon, slang or language that may be unprofessional. Use proper vocabulary such as "Good Morning," "Certainly," "I'll be happy to," and "My pleasure." Do not discuss personal or member business in front of others, or use cell phones in the MSR line or during meetings. Cell phone usage during business hours should be for business purposes called for in your role. 
  4. Individual needs and service requests are owned by the first person to hear them, and everyone is empowered to use their best judgement to resolve problems or create a positive experience.
  5. Exceed Expectations - Always attempt to go “above and beyond” expectations and perform requests with a smile and a “glad to help you” attitude. Follow-up on service complaints after the event to ensure needs were fulfilled.
  6. Confidence - Show confidence by performing your job well. Take personal responsibility to be fully trained for your role and “own your knowledge.” Look beyond policies / procedures to offer solutions.
  7. Thank You - End each encounter by saying “thank you,” asking what else we can help with, and a friendly farewell using their name when possible. If necessary, provide your contact information if additional service is required. Personally escort members to the exit when appropriate.
  8. Sales - With the understanding that sales is the highest form of service, we proactively pursue opportunities to enhance our members' financial well-being by providing appropriate resource and products to deepen their relationships with us.