Service fees applicable to all accounts as of October 1, 2016. View tips to avoid fees and save money.

Annual Fee for Debit Card


ATM Usage (UICCU-owned ATMs or 43,000 Allpoint Network ATMs )


ATM Usage Fee (Non-UICCU ATMs or pin-transactions)


Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee (From deposit accounts and personal credit lines excluding home equity loans)


Bank to Bank outgoing monthly transfer (ACH)


Bill Payer


Check Handling Fee (for accounts without sufficient balances)


Collection items


Debit card international non-pin transaction fee


Debit Card Replacement


Debit card rush fee


Deposit Verification


Dormant Checking (6 months)


Dormant Membership Fee (inactive single service member)****


Escheat Fee




Expedited Payment By Phone




Incoming fax


IRA external transfer fee


Mobile Banking


Mobile Remote Deposit Capture


Notary Fee

For UICCU members: Free

For non-members: $5.00

Official Checks to Third Party


Online Banking


Overdraft (maximum of $195 per day)

1 to 9: $29.00

10 and up: $34.00

Overdrawn Account Fee (for accounts overdrawn 30 days or more)


Paper Statement Fee (checking accounts only)


Photocopy of Check




Quick$hift transfer*** (phone & web)


Research Account Information (includes copies of statements or account history of proceeding months)

$20.00/hr* plus $3.00/statement

Returned Deposit Item (business accounts)


Returned Item (Check or ACH)


Returned Mail


Safe Deposit Box

Call for Rates

Safe Deposit Box Drilling

Actual Cost

Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement


Stop Payment


Temporary Checks

4 for $2.00

Text Banking


Unknown Address


Wire Transfers

Domestic Outgoing: $20.00

Incoming: $10.00

*Subject to Iowa Sales Tax.
**Resets each calendar year. Some items may be taxable. Includes overdraft privilege occurrences.
***Subject to Iowa sales tax. Minimum transfer is $100.
**** Applies to members that only have a low balance savings account, and that account has not been used in over a year.